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At WTI we have a passion in everything we do to create sustainable solutions that balance with CSR and the environment to ensure long lasting success for all stakeholders.

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We are group of dedicated industry experts each with over 30 years experience in their respective fields that operate throughout the globe synergistically to achieve our goals.

White Treasure International Sustainable Solutions

By contributing knowledge and the latest industry ideas and technology we are able to provide lasting solutions to the challenges local communities face in today's ever changing environment. .

Developments in health and wellbeing research and associated discoveries together production technologies have lead to a whole new generation of organically produced food products for the world that are sustainable and economically viable.

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Our Mission

Maintain a balance between Technological and Industrail development with human value, wellbeing, health, lifestyle and the environment.


Our Values

Highest standards of professionalism provided with ethics and integrity in everything we do.


Our Solution

Actively in tune with national developments to ensure we are always in the right place at the right time to provide sustainable solutions that last.

We Always Aim to Achieve Sustainable Change

Utilising resources throughout the globe to create sustainable solutions and results.

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White Treasure International Investment ROI

WTI can assist with advice, funding, finance and development and with many business investments and projects throughout its footprint. Long timeframes are negotiated and arranged for all BOOT projects to ensure financial viability and ROI. These include extensions up to 50 years in some cases that will ensure complete integrity of the project from its design phase through to development and management to create quality investments with associated long term returns.

All details provided are for information only and no liability or responsibility on the part of WTI for any usage or actions by readers or visitors.Contact Us to obtain the latest updates and advice.

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Provide a synergistic approach to business investment and development in fast growing regions. A professional one-to-one customer service with sound ideas and realistic risk profiling.

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